How Not to Get Old - Part IV: Internal Organs

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Welcome to part IV of the ‘How to not get old’ series. You can catch up with the series by starting with Part IPart II and Part III.

In this instalment we will look at the final aspect of the physicality of your body, i.e. your internal organs, how they can be affected by aging and how we might attempt to redress or offset some of these processes.

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CILTEP: What is it and Do I need it?

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CILTEP stands for Chemically Induced Long-term Potentiation. Essentially what that means is that certain chemicals (in the form of nutritional supplements) are incorporated into a nootropic stack with the aim of increasing synaptogenesis and therefore enhancing the ‘readiness to learn’ of cerebral neurones.

What is synaptogenesis? Each neurone communicates with other elements in the CNS through chemical relays called synapses. The more synapses you have (and the more efficient each synapse is), the better the… learn more

Science; The New Super-Religion!

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Before we begin, please bear in mind that this article is just my opinion. I am not trying to denigrate those who are ‘religious’ or who believe in the archetypal Christian (or Muslim or Hebrew or Buddhist or whatever) Deity(s). Some people choose to believe in atoms and radio waves. If you choose to believe in these things, then that is your right and I would never (even if I could) try to take that… learn more