Next-Level Energy and Focus

Neurodrive from Mind Nutrition is the missing link between mental focus and physical energy, designed to give you maximum ‘clean burn’ for physical activities or for motivation and ‘drive’ on those days where you just seem to be stuck in slow-motion!

Neurodrive won’t interfere with your sleep, your appetite or your cortisol levels because unlike some other companies we don’t simply pile a load of geranamine or other strong stimulants into our product. However Neurodrive WILL give you laser-like focus and the motivation and mind-muscle connection that you seek.

Whether for use as a pre-workout aid or for a late-night gaming session (or simply to replace or augment your morning coffee fix), Neurodrive won’t let you down, won’t cause jitters and won’t overburden your cardiovascular and sympathetic nervous system like so many other ‘fat burners’ or pre-workout products.

How does it work?

Neurodrive uses nootropics to achieve what other products can only dream of. If you harness the power of the brain, you can drive the body so much more efficiently, calmly and yet with greater ‘unhurried intensity’ than you have ever experienced before.


We use Sulbutiamine – a nootropic derived from vitamin B1 – as one of our core ingredients and the main ‘stimulant’ in Neurodrive. However Sulbutiamine is unlike most other stimulants in that it does not create jittery, nervous, heart-thumping effects. Sulbutiamine has significant mood-elevating effects in many users and this helps to ‘set the mood’ for your day or your workout. After all, how can you have a bad day or a bad session, if you are feeling upbeat and positive?

We synergise the effects of Sulbutiamine with just a touch of caffeine – at far lower dosages than you would expect – sourced from Guarana and green tea extract (EGCG) which both also confer thermogenic (body heat increase) and lipolytic (fat burning) effects as well as being all-round ‘good guys’ from a health perspective.

Guarana / EGCG

Studies have shown that dosing with Guarana has a positive effect on secondary memory performance and increases alertness and mood1. Use of Guarana at lower doses produces more positive cognitive effects than at higher doses, which is why we include an optimal amount in Neurodrive. We primarily include EGCG as it is a potent antioxidant extracted from green tea; there are numerous published studies on the benefits of EGCG.


We use a small amount of Vinpocetine, for its [cerebro-specific vasodilation effects], allowing increased blood-flow within the brain. However we only use a small amount of Vinpocetine as this product is designed to be ‘stacked’ on top of Neurostim which contains its own Vinpocetine, as well as being a stand-alone product if that’s what you prefer.

CDP Choline / Citicoline

Finally, we boost the mind-muscle connection through use of a great source of acetylcholine - the best, in our opinion. We chose to use CDP-choline, despite the extra cost because it has been shown to exert a mild boosting effect on dopamine receptor levels.

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for motivation and drive, so it makes sense to include it in Neurodrive, I’m sure you will agree. By increasing the levels of dopamine receptors rather than dopamine itself, CDP choline allows your brain to respond more strongly to your own dopamine, which is preferable to trying to boost actual dopamine, since discontinuation of the product would lead to a drop in dopamine levels, leaving you potentially ‘withdrawn’. Not a condition we wish on anyone, especially you, our valued customer!

Besides the effect on dopamine, CDP choline has been shown in studies to:

  • Effectively elevate acetylcholine levels, thus increasing the capacity for higher thought as well as motor unit (muscle) activation.✝
  • May be useful in the treatment of ADHD – but should not be used by those in a major depressive episode.✝
  • Exerts a neuroprotective effect and increases blood flow and glucose utilisation within the brain.✝

Who should use Neurodrive and how?

Neurodrive is highly effective as a standalone product or as part of a stack comprising Neurostim and Neurodrive.

When used as a standalone product, Neurodrive would best be taken about 40-60 minutes before a bout of physical activity or exercise (and yes, high level computer gaming definitely counts as physical activity, even if it is not actual exercise) or when struggling to find the physical/mental energy needed to complete a task.

When stacked with Neurostim, the synergistic effects can be especially impressive. Essentially you would get the same effects as using Neurodrive alone, but you would get augmented cognition and clarity of thought as well as greater motivation to study or perform. This stack would be especially useful for students planning on cramming or doing prolonged study sessions or those who simply cannot find the drive to study a particularly ‘dry’ topic.



1. J Psychopharmacol. 2007 Jan;21(1):65-70. Epub 2006 Mar 13.