Supreme Antioxidant & Cellular Energy

Neuroprime is, in the simplest of terms, a powerful antioxidant and cellular energy formula based around brain and liver function.

It is designed to aid in the production of vital neurotransmittersantioxidants and cofactors which promote healthy brain and cell function for peak performance.

Neuroprime aims to optimise your health and performance in a way that exceeds the normal multivitamin. Think of Neuroprime as the intermediate step between the daily multivitamin and a nootropic stack.

Neuroprime contains a specially selected combination of ‘nutraceuticals’ that each have proven abilities on promoting health and performance through optimising physiological function.

We do not advocate the use of a daily multivitamin for people who consume a varied nutritional intake (a typically healthy diet), because there is always some ingredient that irritates the nervous system. That’s what happens when you adopt the shotgun approach to supplement design, in our opinion.

So, Neuroprime only includes a select few vitamins and minerals that we consider necessary and/or often depleted in the average person.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Essential Vitamins B1, B5, B6, B9 and B12

These support the methylation train, which is another detoxification pathway in the liver. B12 is also critical for optimal nerve function. B and C vitamins are water soluble so need replacing more frequently than the fat soluble vitamins.

We've included these in very specific doses in order to assist with essential processes in the body, to synergize with the rest of the ingredients and to lay the foundation for optimal nootropic function. After all, you will not get the most from nootropics unless you have your bases covered - and that is exactly what we are doing with Neuroprime.

Zinc & Magnesium

Important to immune function, libido and mood. These minerals are often thought to be the most commonly deficient in the average person.

So, now that we’ve taken care of the basics, let’s take a look at the really interesting components of Neuroprime.

Powerful Nutraceuticals


TMG is an organic compound that occurs commonly in nature. It is a cofactor in many significant biochemical reactions in the human body. Neurotransmitter synthesis, regulation of homocystine, reduction of co-enzyme Q10 back into its pre-oxidised form, etc. Perhaps most importantly though, TMG serves as a methyl donor which optimises epigenetic expression of proteins and enzymes over time. This article is not the place to open your mind to the intricacies of epigenetics, but I encourage you to do a little reading around the subject. It truly is fascinating!

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

ALA is an essential cofactor in the mitochondrial energy reaction. Only the R enantiomer of LA exists in nature and that’s why Mind Nutrition use only the R version, despite the extra cost. We see no point including things that have no worthwhile effect or may in fact be harmful – research is not yet clear on that when discussing ALA. The shocking thing about ALA is the long list of studies which have shown beneficial effect on a huge range of health issues. Check it out on Wikipedia if you want to be amazed! This author personally believes that the key to preventing a myriad of disease states is to maintain and promote the function and number of mitochondria in the cells of the organs of our bodies.

Co-enzyme Q10

This is another vital ingredient in mitochondrial function and ATP generation. I have been a big fan of Q10 ever since my neurophysiology lecturer told me that 300mg/day would increase my daily energy levels by restoring correct mitochondrial membrane health and condition. I tried his suggestion and have never looked back. We include it in NeuroPrime because ATP is the ‘energy currency’ of the body. We need ATP to live. We need optimal ATP production in order to function optimally. High dose Q10 helps to optimise ATP production. Simple logic, but it seems to be lost on the vast majority of supplement designers. Or perhaps the high cost of raw Q10 powder has something to do with the small amounts of Q10 found in other products.

While we'll never reveal the full ingredient profile breakdown of the formula, we will say that we include a whopping 100mg of very high quality Q10 in every single capsule of Neuroprime.

N-Acetyl Cysteine

Another all-round nutritional superhero, NAC has been shown to exert protective effects within the kidneys and liver.

Perhaps as importantly, NAC boosts the body’s production of its master antioxidant glutathione. Low (or near-absent) glutathione levels have been associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Illness, infection, stress, depression all deplete glutathione levels. We want to ensure good levels of our own anti-oxidant, so that we don’t rely on external antioxidants which have been shown to down-regulate our own anti-oxidant network.

In Summary

NeuroPrime is not a multivitamin type product. Instead it is a ‘step up’ in terms of health promotion that is intended to replace multivitamins altogether.

It aims to optimise:

  • Neurotransmitter synthesis and nerve function✝
  • Endogenous antioxidant levels✝
  • Methylation – essential to epigenetic expression of enzymes and proteins✝
  • Mitochondrial function and daily energy levels✝
  • Organ function, particularly liver, kidneys and brain✝