For Mental Energy Support

Sulbutiamine’s nootropic properties boost both physical and mental levels in the body leaving you with a feeling of high energy, clear focus and improved mood.

Sulbutiamine is an lipophilic (fat-soluble) analogue of Vitamin B1 (thiamine) which crosses the blood-brain-barrier easier than thiamine itself. Its main mechanism of action is thought to occur in the part of the brain which affects motivation and arousal, explaining its positive effects on mood and energy.

Sulbutiamine is shown to increase cholinergic activity in the hippocampus, meaning that it positively affects acetylcholine levels in the brain, improving memory. It also potentiates glutamatergic activity in the prefrontal cortex (PFC) - the part of the brain used in co-ordinating complex cognitive behaviour, decision making and moderating correct social behavior. When sulbutiamine acts on the PFC, it affects intrasynaptic glutamate levels which ultimately improves both memory and mental performance.