Neural Antioxidant and Cognition Enhancer

Vinpocetine is primarily used as a cerebral vasodilator, a neural-antioxidant and for its memory enhancing properties

It improves bloodflow directly to the brain without affecting any other organs of the body, which is ideal as you don't want increased blood pressure when seeking a mental performance boost. Vinpocetine also aids in the removal of toxins and free-radicals in the cerebral cortex.

Some research has suggested that vinpocetine can also improve night vision, prevent or relieve symptoms of glaucoma, improve cardiovascular function and potentially be effective in bladder control for people with weak bladders.

Our vinpocetine is the most natural form of vinpocetine available, branded Vinponature. It contains 95% vinpocetine, while the other 5% is made up of related compounds found in the vinca minor (periwinle plant from which vinpocetine is extracted) which work to improve vinpocetines' effects.

Key Benefits

•   Shown to improves circulation in the brain ✝
•   Shown to enhances memory ✝
•   Promotes removal of toxins and free-radicals ✝
•   Increases bloodflow to/from the brain ✝
•   Plays a role in ATP production in the brain ✝